Greener was asked to deliver clean energy to a remodelled supermarket, which needed a boost to her grid connection after the installation of a brand-new bakery department. With the extra oven, the existing grid connection was not powerful enough, which was solved with our battery.

By using a battery instead of a traditional diesel generator, we saved over the course of six weeks the emission of 30,6 tons of CO2 – the equivalent of 5 roundtrips over the equator in a regular car! The supermarket is located in a densely built-up area. However, the battery doesn’t emit any toxic gasses, the people living in the proximity of the supermarket didn’t suffer any health threats.


Our demand for electric energy is growing by the day


Part of the energy transition is a higher demand for electric peak power from the electricity grid. This is because we are going to use more electricity for heating and other appliances which are traditionally powered by fossil fuels or gas.

For the construction or remodelling of housing projects, supermarkets or shops grid, connections are often replaced or improved because more and bigger electric appliances are connected. Grid operators are responsible for the distribution of electric power to our homes, industries, and shops. Currently they are swamped responding to the high demand for new grid connections. Because of the high demand for new connections and lack of auxiliary capacity on the waiting times for new connections can be longer than a year!

In the case of the shop described above, the new grid connection could be realized 6 weeks after the reopening of the shop. To cover the temporary energy shortage, we installed a battery that was charged with the old grid connection and in the meantime could deliver the higher load of the supermarket. During the day, the battery would discharge because the load of the supermarket was higher than the old connection could provide. During the night, when the supermarket used much less energy, the battery could recharge and be ready in the morning to bake buns in the new bakery. And all this without having to burn a drip of diesel.


Replacing diesel generators with batteries saves on your wallet, environment and climate!


Greener is a specialist in designing and installing smart energy planning without the dependence on diesel. By smart operation of existing infrastructure and combining them with battery systems, we can offer emission-free power solutions at a competitive price. We gained a lot of experience at over 50 projects in 2019 alone, saving over 400 tons of CO2 emissions. If you want to hear how we can power your projects without dependence on fossil fuel? Do contact Thomas or Dieter or read more on our website.