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330 kWh / 318 KVA battery systems

On- and off-grid solutions

330 kWh / 318 KVA battery systems

100% lithium-ion battery power

Real time access to energy data

24/7 monitored and operated


Reliable and clean energy supply is crucial for meeting your client’s expectations. Using mobile battery storage for your construction project can save up to 100% CO2 emissions, reduce costs, improve working conditions, win tenders, and improve energy up-time.


Grid deferral

Grid operators experience tremendous delays in delivering new grid connections on time. These delays have severe effects on project planning and cause cost overruns.

We can use our batteries to bridge the grid delay by peak shaving on your old infrastructure. The battery charges from the existing smaller infrastructure, and when your power demand exceeds the maximum power of the smaller connection, the battery seamlessly delivers the additional needed power. When your power consumption settles down, the battery can recharge for the next day.

Peak shaving with mobile batteries can not only save you project planning but also avoids having to running diesel generators at enormous costs. Moreover, it reduces the toxic pollutions and disturbance for the surroundings.

National grid

The batteries can be used to provide balancing services on the national energy market. The products most suitable for the batteries are FCR-trading (R1) and imbalance. To participate in this market, you need a bidding license. TenneT, the Dutch national grid operator, certified the battery systems for grid balancing solutions. Besides FCR (R1), the mobile Greener batteries are also able to participate in the aFRR (R2) bidding.

We are happy to tell you more or manage your asset using our innovative Energy Management System.

Congestion and maintenance

Part of the energy transition challenges is are increased demands for electrical power. To ensure stable energy delivery, maintenance, and overhaul of the local distribution stations and transformers are needed.

When a transformer has to be taken offline for maintenance, the battery is used to power everything behind the sub-station until work has finished. A great benefit is that the battery stores renewable energy flowing back towards the transformer and release this during night-time.

Batteries can be used to temporarily relieve stress on the sub-station by peak shaving the peak loads typically seen during morning and evening hours.

Detailed Specifications


10 ft. reefer, 7500 kg


Energy Storage Inverter of 318 kVA @ 20 C and overload capability of 450 kVA

Battery capacity

8 pcs BMW 42kWh I3 High Voltage System (HVS) battery totally 336 kWh (nominal capacity)

Supported applications

Mobile energy, Peakshaving, Energy Trading, Frequency Response (PCR/FCR)

Grid voltage

3p 230/400 Vac connection via 400 A PowerSafe (powerlock) connector sections (1 x input and 2 x output section) and 63 A CEE

Grid Frequency

50 Hz

Ambient temperature range

-20 ̊C – 40 ̊C


Airco cooled battery & power converter compartment


NEN3140, NEN3840, ISO9001, ISO14001, Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU, EMC directive 2014/30/EU, Batteries directive 2006/66/EU, HD IEC 60364: 2005, NEN 1010: 2015, IEC 61439-2: 2011, EN 61000-6-2:2005, EN 61000-6-4:2007+A1:2011, IEC 62619: 2017, IEC 60947, IEC 61439, IEC 62271-100, IEC 62271-102, IEC 62271-103, IEC 62271-200. Road and sea transport ADR class 9, UN 3536, UN 3481 (Lithi- um Ion Batteries in equipment)

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